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Star - Marquetry

Marquetry is the art of creating pictures, patterns, or designs with wood.  It is an important element in many of my designs, and is an excellent way to make a piece of furniture special and unique. Marquetry has a long history that is described well at Wikipedia.

Vine - Marquetry


Union Jack - Marquetry

I employ a variety of techniques to create images with realism and depth.  Having a wide variety of woods to select from for color, shades, and grains is just the beginning.  Sand shading is a technique that adds a three dimensional depth to marquetry images.  The British flag and gold ribbon, to the left, are examples that use sand shading.

Blue Birds - Marquetry


Ribbon Box - Marquetry

The design possibilities are endless when various woods and grains are combined to create heirloom quality furniture.  Well crafted furniture with marquetry can create that special place in your home to enjoy now, and be handed down and enjoyed for generations.

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Fox - Marquetry






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